Truth proper is not congenial to people who advocate the Lie (of Devil the Mother hyped as God the Father), since where the Lie is hyped as Truth there can be no place for Truth proper, as pertaining not to metachemistry (hyped as metaphysics) but to metaphysics.

Neither is metaphysical truth congenial to people who advocate the half-lie (of Woman the Mother hyped as Mother of God), since where the half-lie is hyped as Truth there can be no place for Truth proper, as pertaining not to chemistry (hyped as metaphysics) but to metaphysics.

Truth, alas, is not even congenial to people who advocate the half-truth (of Son of Man hyped as Son of God, if not God), since where the half-truth is hyped as Truth there can be no place for Truth proper, as pertaining not to physics (hyped as metaphysics) but to metaphysics, in which God is neither Father, Mother, nor Son, but merely Heaven perceived from the outside as a kind of halo-like effulgence surrounding the inner joy of Heaven.

We who advocate Truth can have no truck with the Lie, the half-lie, or the half-truth, and therefore no truck with those who advocate one or more of these in deference to scientific, political, or economic idols.

We are above and beyond Superwoman, Woman, and Man, as a kind of Superman for whom Truth is if not paramount then the necessary. inescapable corollary of Joy, as God of Heaven.

For the Truth to live, and live eternally, the Lie must be killed off, that is, democratically consigned to the rubbish bin of history, so that both it and its worldly extrapolations, viz. the half-lie and the half-truth (roughly corresponding to a catholic/protestant dichotomy) will permanently become a thing or, rather, things of the past, allowing for a brighter, truer, and more genuinely religious (metaphysical) future, in which the male will triumph over the female as metaphysical being over pseudo-metachemical pseudo-doing, or free soul over pseudo-bound will.

Was it not Nietzsche who said: ‘Every time priests open their mouth to speak they lie?’ or words to that effect.  If so, then Nietzsche spoke truly; for that is exactly what priests do; though, in fairness, I have to concede that they sometimes manage the half-truth as well, if only to offer some consolation to the male side of life in the face if not teeth of the female dominion through power and glory, viz. the Lie and the half-lie, neither of which have any time for the half-truth, never mind the Truth!

Feminism is especially bad for the Truth.  It obliges one to bow to gender equalitarianism at the expense of Christian values, which, no matter how far short they may fall of Truth, and thus of anything effectively Superchristian, should not be – and never really have been – about deferring and succumbing  to female dominion but, on the contrary, about extricating oneself from such a dominion (leaving mother, sister, wife, daughter, etc., to take up the Cross) in order to have the benefit of peace of mind in psychic freedom, without which inner being there can be no ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ and therefore no Saint and (neutralized) Dragon-like metaphysical triumph over females, reduced, in that event, to a pseudo-metachemical subordination which is not in a position (as neutralized lion and/or wolf, so to speak) to do the ‘lamb of God’ or, rather, godliness in relation to heavenly being (joy) any damage, least of all in terms of worldly reproduction through sex.

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I am an Irish-born but English-raised self-taught writer and philosopher who publishers his work in eBook on the net, including with (ePub) and (Kindle), as well as through Centretruths Digital Media (PDF), and many other platforms. Latterly my works are also available in paperback at various Amazon sites, as well as at Barnes and and a wide variety of other sellers in several countries.

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