A society rooted in free will necessarily excludes the possibility of free soul.

The fact is that ‘God’ didn’t allow for free will, let alone encourage it, because what is taken for ‘God’ in back of the world is less ‘God the Father’, so to speak, than ‘Devil the Mother’ , which is metachemical in its stellar objectivity, and therefore the source, in beauty or, rather, the Beautiful, of free will.

A society rooted in free will, as of metachemical doing, necessarily excludes metaphysical being, which is the essence of free soul.

In the West, such a society begins with the Protestant rejection, through heresy, of Roman Catholic aspirations, no matter how truncated due to the extrapolative nature of Western civilization from Middle Eastern roots in terms of the so-called Judeo-Christian tradition, towards metaphysics via the crucifixional paradigm of bound metaphysical soma of the Christ ‘on high’, arms raised, in Y-chromosomal intimation, towards Heaven.

It ends, as at present, with the ‘open society’ secularity of the Western democracies, not least the WASP-dominated ones of Britain and America, where the soulless pursuit of material gain is not only taken for granted but actively encouraged.

In football, the want of a point over the bar (as between the uprights in Gaelic football – an Irish Catholic sport) confirms this absence of any aspiration, no matter how imperfect or paradoxical, towards soul, and thus the possibility of the negation of free will through metaphysical being, which is of the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ within the metaphysical self in which ‘God the Father’ (godfatherliness) has his throne as the external manifestation and confirmation of heavenly joy.

Such a negation of free will is, of course, more than just a rejection of metachemistry.  It implies the subjugation of metachemistry pseudo-metachemically in the pseudo-bound will (contrary to female gender actuality but the consequence of metaphysical hegemonic pressure) of pseudo-Devil the pseudo-Mother, whose neutralized status in the pseudo-ugliness thereof would be akin to that of the neutralized dragon under the saintly heel (of metaphysics), as of the neutralized lion and/or wolf (pseudo-lion and/or pseudo-wolf) under the proverbial ‘lamb of God’, as of godliness, whose truth would be the reflection, candlelight to candleflame-like, of heavenly joy in the free soul for all Eternity.


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I am an Irish-born but English-raised self-taught writer and philosopher who publishers his work in eBook on the net, including with (ePub) and (Kindle), as well as through Centretruths Digital Media (PDF), and many other platforms. Latterly my works are also available in paperback at various Amazon sites, as well as at Barnes and and a wide variety of other sellers in several countries.

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