Like Frederick Delius, who didn’t think much of English music and believed his music existed in a league of its own, I, too, can say that, with the possible exception of Bertrand Russell, whose writings I avidly devoured as a youth, I don’t think much of English philosophy and that my philosophy, the product of several decades’ toil, exists in a league of its own, not related to anything English or British…. Which makes a certain amount of sense really, since I am someone of Irish birth and of Catholic descent who, as an Irish citizen, happens to be living in England, compliments of a childhood transference from the land of my birth which happened, needless to say, without my knowledge or consent, and long before I was old enough to realize the enormity of what had transpired.

So as an Irishman long exiled in England, home of heretical state-hegemonic axial criteria, I have every reason to believe that my philosophy exists in a league of its own, unrecognized by the British and never likely, in consequence of their inherent hostility towards church-hegemonic axial criteria, no matter how radical or revolutionary,  to be granted recognition or endorsement by them, not only because of the above but also because they could have no advantage in crediting a man of Irish Catholic descent with philosophical genius when to do so would undermine or, rather, only emphasize their own want of such, quite apart from compromising their ethnic incapacity, as Protestants (presided over by Jews) to approach Truth from a religious and effectively church-hegemonic angle, as well as undermine their sense of entitlement to recognition of whatever paltry or ideologically insignificant philosophical pedantry rank and privilege, fostered by the ‘best education’ at the most expensive schools and colleges, has, in England, an almost ‘divine right’ to, irrespective of their own limitations and incapacities as philosophers.

God forbid that a socially disadvantaged Irishman of Catholic descent, born in the West of Ireland but brought up, after a fashion, in first Aldershot and then Carshalton,  should be recognized for his remarkable achievements in original philosophy at the risk of putting them,  with all the education of social privilege that money can buy,  in a poor light, one that not only emphasises the limitations inherent in equating rank and privilege with innate ability but exposes the  want of a capacity for Truth that are characteristic of certain types of ethnicity and therefore of an inability, on their part, to understand or relate to much of what I write, as well as prove that anyone who has a genuine talent for original philosophy will have a determination to carry on come what may, irrespective of circumstances and the obstacles that such people knowingly or unknowingly put in his way.

No, I expect nothing from these Englishmen and, to date, have not received one iota of encouragement, let alone recognition, from them with regard to my philosophy and writings in general ever since I began in earnest over three decades ago.  We live in parallel if opposite axial universes, and I ‘do my thing’ in spite of them and their gross pretensions to philosophical or literary excellence.  Like Delius, whose music I quite admire, since it was largely the product of a German mind and Germany, as we all know (or should know) remains a beacon of European culture and musical excellence despite British pretensions in that field.

The British could never hope to compete with me, any more than they could compete with James Joyce; for, like him, I am a creative law unto myself which defies and transcends national boundaries, even those of Ireland, as I advance my universal cause through Social Theocracy and my philosophy in general – arguably the best since Aristotle in its Element-based comprehensively-exacting logical structures.  Shaw, Yeats, Joyce …  O’Loughlin, if you want to add philosophical genius to that of drama, poetry, and prose fiction.  For I am, after all, technically Irish, despite the seeming inability of the Irish literary establishment, like their English counterparts, to recognize me or my work and give credit where credit is due, largely, I suspect, for similar reactionary reasons identifiable with vested class interests and conservative thinking tinged with too much dramatic concretion and poetic fancy to be capable of acknowledging anything so abstractly removed from the usual alpha-stemming or even oriented patterns of contemporary life.

Too bad, but then being neither properly Irish nor properly English, Catholic nor Protestant, republican nor royalist, I am in the best possible position to identify with the Germans, whose culture, cinematic as well as musical and philosophical, I love.  As, I suspect, did the great Frederick Delius, idealist and Nietzschean scholar to the core.  Salute!


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I am an Irish-born but English-raised self-taught writer and philosopher who publishers his work in eBook on the net, including with (ePub) and (Kindle), as well as through Centretruths Digital Media (PDF), and many other platforms. Latterly my works are also available in paperback at various Amazon sites, as well as at Barnes and and a wide variety of other sellers in several countries.

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